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Friday, June 19, 2009

Drag me to Hell

One of the best horror movie I think.... I consider myself a big horror fan and pretty much confident to know what a good horror movie is. I was laughing most of the time while watching this, but I kinda was in the edge of my seat at the same time. Its like a mix of spooky horror and comedy...there are scenes that are very intense but still able to inject some funny moments. The gross-out special effects had me dying the maggots, pleghms, and blood was nasty.
I'm glad I watched this in the Theater. Its a good ridiculous Horror entertainment...LOL...I hope this can school some of the future horror movie thats comin up in the future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spee Racer

I thought that this movie was pure awesome...I saw it on cable the other day..HBO i think or SHOWTIME,.neway..I kinda predicted that it was going to be a wack movie when I was browsing the titles, But Gave it a shot...Turn out to be excellent in my opinion. This whole movie is pure brightness with color that I almost had a nose bleed from me a headache in the end...I dint wanna see a bright green color from any object for some reason...The beginning was ok, then it get to the other was almost pure speed...loving the special effect too.
I didnt expect it to become exactly as the old school cartoon series but I was wrong, the whole concept was almost nailed down starting with the characters and the story.
The thing also is like they added matrix martial arts with cars...haha...
worked for me.
I also like the message that was brought by this movie...It gave me a good motivation to pursue what I really want to in the future and there's always good deeds planted on every aspects of life.
Im pretty sure lots of kids will love this movie.

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