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Friday, July 31, 2009

Pans Labyrinth 2006

The Director Guillermo del Toro did an amazing job with this film. Hopefully we see more fantasy movies that are like these.
This is one of the most Touching Fairy tale I have seen. Didn't think it was going to be all that, but its still very good. The role of the evil captain just makes you hate him so deep, that it left me wondering, how people could so evil and cruel. But on the good side, the main character - Ofelia, the 12 year old little girl in the film. Just catches your emotion in so many ways that she makes you care for her, watch for her, feel bad at times, and celebrate for her..etc..just draws your attention.
This is how a fairy tale should be like. Something that leaves you wondering and imagining how the situations could have ended with other possibilities.
A good example of Good vs evil plot, light and darkness.
My question about this film, and kinda leave me blank to take some assumptions is...Was it reality in the movie besides the killing and everything or was it all on Ofelia's imagination even to the very last scene of the movie?

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