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Friday, July 2, 2010

Avatar 2009

I'm probably way behind with this one, haha. I just saw this movie yesterday on "DVD" and I was blown away with the Special effects. I wish I could've seen it on 3D or in the theaters. I would've have goosebumps, Haha. It was really amazingly beautiful. WHen I was watching the trailer, I kinda assume the story, but then again, it was a lot different from what I have thought. It's kinda similar to the idea of the matrix with the body switching but completely different. Its gonna take long on my side to explain, I'm not gonna bother. Plus the story has something to do with History and bringing the peace back to equality with freedom or something close to that idea.
James Cameron is the Director of this movie, He's one of the greatest as we all know in our generation. A lot of props to the special effects, its breathtaking and think those were my favorite parts which is seeing the nature.
All the Actors were awesome too.
It should win a lot of awards. Its really worth seeing this movie. One of the best in our lfetime.
The last movie I saw that I really like was "Slumdog Millionaire".then this one.

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