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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2 The Movie

The second movie of Paranoral Activity is Back. The first movie caused a lot of buzzes and hyped last year when it came out.
All of my friends and co-workers has the same reviews, "it was Scary".Haha
Honestly, It didn't really bug me to the point that I can't sleep, but it made me wonder what would happen and left me imagining stuff.
I would go see this movie since the last one was good and it was worth the money,lol.
Plus the trailer seems to have more ideas to scare people on the story. I just hope that they don't spoil and over do it since the first one was great.

The movie Paranormal Activity 2 is directed by Tod Kip Williams. But Oren Peli who directed the first film is still attached as producer.

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