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Monday, July 19, 2010

M Night Shyamalan - DEVIL Trailer

Just saw another movie Trailer, my blog should just be about movie trailer reviews...LOL, I havent really seen any new movies, but I have a feeling I will see some of the upcoming ones. Anyway, Check out this "DEVIL" movie by M Night Shyamalan. The trailer looks really something, and I feel like i'Ve known the whole story just by watching the clip. I assume that the plot or twist for this movie is something that majority is familiar with unless insane twist like that movie "Orphan"..who wouldve guessed?...This one reminds me of that old reality show "The Mole"..LOL..It gives you a sense of the question to find "Which one among Us". I believe there has been similar to these plots in a different setting. But I like this kind of movies because it keeps you guessing till the movie is finished. Plus M Night Shyamalan in my opinion make good interesting movies.

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