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Monday, September 7, 2009

Gamer movie 2009

Quick overview abou the movie I found online.

A high-concept action thriller set in the near future, a time when mind-control technology has taken society by storm. Humans control other humans in a mass-scale, multiplayer online game. Reclusive billionaire Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall) has created the controversial form of entertainment, “Slayers,” a hugely popular game that allows millions to act out their innermost fantasies and desires - online - in front of a global audience. Gaming has evolved into a terrifying new dimension…
mind control… mind manipulation… people playing people! At the center is Kable (Gerard Butler)the main guy in movie "300", the superstar hero of “Slayers,” the savage, ultra-violent first-person shooter game. Kable is controlled by Simon, a young gamer with a rock star status who continues to defy all odds by guiding Kable to victory eachweek.Taken from his family, imprisoned and forced to fight against his will, the modern day gladiator must survive long enough to escape the game to free his family, regain his identity, and to save mankind from the ruthless technology.
I saw this movie two days ago, I thought this movie was ok. The visuals, graphics and special effects, I would say hardcore. I totally felt the violence in this world.I saw the preview on Youtube and I thought I needed to see it since it look really mind blowing and action packed which it did and it sort of reminded me of Transformers.
Im not really a big fan of video games, so maybe that might be one good reason for me not to completely like the movie.
One of the scenes that I find disturbing was when the extremely fat guy eating waffles while playing video game...right there it still sounds normal, but if u see the movie, you'll probably feel a lil disturbed.
There was a dance number in the middle of the movie...I thought that was really random...It was about to get serious, then you see soldiers snapping their fingers about to hit their synchronized dance
The ending was just not very surprising, good guy kill the bad guy evil villain type of stuff. I was expecting some sort of a twist ,but I guess not since the focus is to save the family,stop the destruction of video games technology and the people behind it.

Overall, I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. Its still pretty good...entertaining in a way)..a better story line would make it awesome...I would not see it again,but I suggest to check it out.

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