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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paranormal Activity 2009

very Short description of the story

A young couple(katie and Micah) suspects that their house is haunted by a malevolent entity. They set up video surveillance to capture evidence of what happens every night as they sleep.

I saw this movie last week and this movie was great...Like I mention im a couple of my posts - Im a big fan of horror movies...This movie however did not frightened me as many people did. I just thought this movie was worth checking and watching in theaters. I heard the budget for this movie was around 11,000 to 15,000. This movie was causing a lot of hype in my area,...well im guessing in many areas
The day scenes in the movie basically tells more about their situation and the plot of the whole movie and the night scenes pretty much shows all the haunting activities.
I must say, if your the type of person who gets scared quick and not into horror stuff, this movie might get into you psychological and give you a just a little hard time sleeping at night...hehe..It kinda got me a little too especially when they said it was based on true events, but then I read some online resources that it is not so I sorta feel
Whats makes this movie scary I believe is that it leaves the rest to your imagination. The special effects isnt any crazy or anything, well I kinda didnt expect it to be since it was low budget film, but still - the door closing by itself and getting dragged out of your bed by an unseen creature works crazy enough for me.
Plus many scary movies nowadays are not really home based type which really cannot relate to a lot of audience - I mean in the end, it would end up as just another horror film. In my point of view, This one seems to capture and go along with that reality of everyday people on everyday experience basis. This movie is simple but can relate to many people and it stands out. I think that we all have the slighest fear when we go to sleep at night that they targeted that part of everyday life.

I would rate this movie a 9 out of 10...Kudos to the creator,..I think he's name is Peli. He knows think this will inspire me to get into filming.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

I went to see this movie on the theater last night with someone. I usually would go watch other film or some horror, but instead we went to see this...hehe...I saw "Pandorum" on the list but for some reason didnt wanna see it..oh well. There was noone on the theater when we went there but another couple, I guess its sort a late and on a weekdays.
To tell you, this is actually another great family wholesome movie. I just saw Bolt the other day on cable - I thought that was funny, and this one is even Hilarious. The movie was actually from a children's book, I just googled couple of minutes ago.

Ever had those imaginations when you were little or young that you want to happen in magics or greatest invention...etc..well this is that animated film.
Actually felt like it showed you a little reality that would come true but in 3d cartoons...hehe
Ill give this movie a 9.5...It will also make u hungry just by watching..we went for Pizza after.
Wouldnt mind watching this again.

Bolt 2008

I saw this movie on cable before I went to sleep the other night...LOL...couldn't find any good title while browsing so why not go for a children 3d animation...hehe

QUick Summary
Bolt tells the story a white German Sheperd dog(Bolt) who plays a heroic dog in a hit TV show and has some trouble recognizing that he doesn't even have superpowers. This becomes something of a hindrance when he is accidentally shipped from Hollywood to New York City. From there he has to make his way home with the help of a manky old cat(mittens) and an overweight hamster(Rhino) in a plastic ball.

The Movie was really good and had me laughing most of the parts...especially where the Hamster -Rhino is shown..I think thats my fave character. he should have his own movie.
I'll give this movie a 9 out of ten. Its good for the whole family to watch...well it is a movie for kids obviously.
One of the strong message it conveys is to "Never give your hopes up, no matter what obstacles that might approach". something like that and
Also "Never leave your friends in time of need".

Monday, September 7, 2009

Gamer movie 2009

Quick overview abou the movie I found online.

A high-concept action thriller set in the near future, a time when mind-control technology has taken society by storm. Humans control other humans in a mass-scale, multiplayer online game. Reclusive billionaire Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall) has created the controversial form of entertainment, “Slayers,” a hugely popular game that allows millions to act out their innermost fantasies and desires - online - in front of a global audience. Gaming has evolved into a terrifying new dimension…
mind control… mind manipulation… people playing people! At the center is Kable (Gerard Butler)the main guy in movie "300", the superstar hero of “Slayers,” the savage, ultra-violent first-person shooter game. Kable is controlled by Simon, a young gamer with a rock star status who continues to defy all odds by guiding Kable to victory eachweek.Taken from his family, imprisoned and forced to fight against his will, the modern day gladiator must survive long enough to escape the game to free his family, regain his identity, and to save mankind from the ruthless technology.
I saw this movie two days ago, I thought this movie was ok. The visuals, graphics and special effects, I would say hardcore. I totally felt the violence in this world.I saw the preview on Youtube and I thought I needed to see it since it look really mind blowing and action packed which it did and it sort of reminded me of Transformers.
Im not really a big fan of video games, so maybe that might be one good reason for me not to completely like the movie.
One of the scenes that I find disturbing was when the extremely fat guy eating waffles while playing video game...right there it still sounds normal, but if u see the movie, you'll probably feel a lil disturbed.
There was a dance number in the middle of the movie...I thought that was really random...It was about to get serious, then you see soldiers snapping their fingers about to hit their synchronized dance
The ending was just not very surprising, good guy kill the bad guy evil villain type of stuff. I was expecting some sort of a twist ,but I guess not since the focus is to save the family,stop the destruction of video games technology and the people behind it.

Overall, I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. Its still pretty good...entertaining in a way)..a better story line would make it awesome...I would not see it again,but I suggest to check it out.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Orphan 2009

This movie is not very good...its awesome!...Im a big fan of horror.

Quick Summary:
Kate and John were so devastated by the loss of their unborn baby that they decided to adopt a child at the orphanage. they were both feel drawn by a nine year old little girl named Esther, and soon as the couple welcomed the new daughter into their home. A series of questionable dangerous events and tragedy unfolds, seems Kate is the only one that can see through Esther's manipulative charm. She begins to suspect that there is something evil behind their adoptive daughter.

I was somewhat nervous watching this film from anger and wanting to go inside the screen and kill the little b*tch...haha...can't believe she so slick, she got away with so many things like "killing people" about complete
Like most of my friends had has a very unique and creative twist with the plot especially in the ending...I would have never guessed what that little girl was...I thought it was just a pure evil kid like in some old horror movie in the past.
Its rated I would definitely not recommend to show this to children.
Its somewhat disturbing. Actually made myself more cautious about kids...especially
The actors in the film were great...especially that little girl(Isabelle Fuhrman)...she should win an oscar.
Another great horror movie.

i would rate this 9.5 out of 10.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Pans Labyrinth 2006

The Director Guillermo del Toro did an amazing job with this film. Hopefully we see more fantasy movies that are like these.
This is one of the most Touching Fairy tale I have seen. Didn't think it was going to be all that, but its still very good. The role of the evil captain just makes you hate him so deep, that it left me wondering, how people could so evil and cruel. But on the good side, the main character - Ofelia, the 12 year old little girl in the film. Just catches your emotion in so many ways that she makes you care for her, watch for her, feel bad at times, and celebrate for her..etc..just draws your attention.
This is how a fairy tale should be like. Something that leaves you wondering and imagining how the situations could have ended with other possibilities.
A good example of Good vs evil plot, light and darkness.
My question about this film, and kinda leave me blank to take some assumptions is...Was it reality in the movie besides the killing and everything or was it all on Ofelia's imagination even to the very last scene of the movie?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Starting a movie Blog

Well, I havent watched any movie since i saw "X-files" on cable. But I always remind myself to blog the next movie I wil see whether the movie is old or new.
Anyhow, I found this article while browsing through other movie blogs, about "20 tips for starting your own movie blog" kinda put me in the right track..
heres a link

The main site for it

Monday, June 29, 2009

X-Files Movie..I Want to Believe

Here's a quick plot Summary of the movie...
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully both worked at the FBI as partners, a bond between them that led to their becoming lovers. But now they're out of the FBI and have gone their separate ways. Scully works as a staff physician at a Catholic hospital. Her focus these days is on a young boy with an incurable brain disease. Administration wants to give up on him. Scully, who feels a special bond with the boy, does not. Meanwhile, Mulder's focus is on clipping newspaper articles about the paranormal and throwing pencils into his ceiling. Scully and Mulder are brought together again when a special case requires Mulder's expertise, and Scully is prevailed upon to find him. The case involves a pedophile priest who claims he is having psychic visions regarding the whereabouts of a missing FBI agent.
Just wanted to watch a movie before I go to sleep last I checked whats on cable and saw the title Xfiles...been a big fan since I was a kid even though I dont really understand some of the episodes back then, Just intrigue by the alien cases...but now i watches some of the episodes on Sci-fi channel sometimes at night..I kinda have flashbacks remebering the episodes that I could not understand before.
anyway this movie has the original stars from the series which is to be expected, and I thought they were excellent actors. I also thought that it was a good crime thriller drama or something...It did not have the alien cases which I would have prefer, but who knows maybe the next movie.
The story was good and the mood setting. The suspense kinda got me a little.
I did have little expectations from the outcomes thinking I already know what is going to happen.
Overall enjoyed the movie...Its like watching one of the episodes, but longer...I'll give it a 3.5 out 5.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Drag me to Hell

One of the best horror movie I think.... I consider myself a big horror fan and pretty much confident to know what a good horror movie is. I was laughing most of the time while watching this, but I kinda was in the edge of my seat at the same time. Its like a mix of spooky horror and comedy...there are scenes that are very intense but still able to inject some funny moments. The gross-out special effects had me dying the maggots, pleghms, and blood was nasty.
I'm glad I watched this in the Theater. Its a good ridiculous Horror entertainment...LOL...I hope this can school some of the future horror movie thats comin up in the future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spee Racer

I thought that this movie was pure awesome...I saw it on cable the other day..HBO i think or SHOWTIME,.neway..I kinda predicted that it was going to be a wack movie when I was browsing the titles, But Gave it a shot...Turn out to be excellent in my opinion. This whole movie is pure brightness with color that I almost had a nose bleed from me a headache in the end...I dint wanna see a bright green color from any object for some reason...The beginning was ok, then it get to the other was almost pure speed...loving the special effect too.
I didnt expect it to become exactly as the old school cartoon series but I was wrong, the whole concept was almost nailed down starting with the characters and the story.
The thing also is like they added matrix martial arts with cars...haha...
worked for me.
I also like the message that was brought by this movie...It gave me a good motivation to pursue what I really want to in the future and there's always good deeds planted on every aspects of life.
Im pretty sure lots of kids will love this movie.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I just saw this movie recently, I guess Im a little behind with the real harcore movie review on this one...Everyone was right, This is one of the best all time greatest movie. From Beginning to start, It was pure awesome. Just Pick up every scene. I'm gonna buy the dvd as part of my collection next time I see this on a store. Great Story...
Can't believe it didn't win anything or at least the "movie of the year" on Mtv movie awards, instead Twilight took it...that movie is not bad, but I dont think Its better than SLumdog Millionaire.
A friend of mine is a big Fan of twilight and had said that Slumdog Movie should have taken it...neway..thats done

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kill Bill 2003

I 've always wanted to make a blog about movies, I just always felt Lazy, or didnt have time to do it. But now that Im more focused and organized than ever...I think this is the perfect time to start this up. For anyone who comes across this blog, Im not proffesional movie critic or anything like that, but just wanted to voice out short opinions and point of view.

Anyway to start this Blog, I wanted to talk about one of my all time favorite action movie which is Kill Bill. I think that if you like samurai movies and martial arts, you would definitely love this movie. The director which is Quentin Tarantino - I Think he's one of the biggest fanatic of martial arts...He knew watsup and has good understanding about the kungfu and martial arts movie fans. The movie is so Deliriously stylish and very entertaining. The whole Story might not be as great as most people would of expect, but I didnt think they concentrate on that, it seems they focused more on how it would entertain the viewers. The special effects is not like the best either but it leaves something to your imagination with the blood sword cutting special effects.
If you see it in stores, I would suggest to buy this movie...since its not in theaters long gone

David Carradine who passed away almost a week ago was also on this movie. One of my all time favorite Kung fu actor.
R.I.P. David Carradine...pretty sure many people will miss you.

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