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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

I went to see this movie on the theater last night with someone. I usually would go watch other film or some horror, but instead we went to see this...hehe...I saw "Pandorum" on the list but for some reason didnt wanna see it..oh well. There was noone on the theater when we went there but another couple, I guess its sort a late and on a weekdays.
To tell you, this is actually another great family wholesome movie. I just saw Bolt the other day on cable - I thought that was funny, and this one is even Hilarious. The movie was actually from a children's book, I just googled couple of minutes ago.

Ever had those imaginations when you were little or young that you want to happen in magics or greatest invention...etc..well this is that animated film.
Actually felt like it showed you a little reality that would come true but in 3d cartoons...hehe
Ill give this movie a 9.5...It will also make u hungry just by watching..we went for Pizza after.
Wouldnt mind watching this again.


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