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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kill Bill 3 Release 2014!

I found this video yesterday of Quentin Tarantino officially announcing the making of the movie KIll bill 3...apparently this was from last im a little late about the news.
here it is:

Does he have any history of saying things about projects and ended up not making it? not sure...who excited...its one of my favorite movie of all time. Im a big fan...I heard it took him ten years to do the first kill bill..thats crazy.
I wonder what will happen with the story since almost everyone from the last volumes were dead. Maybe Vernita green's daughter Nikki will take the revenge(after all its a story of revenge)...Black mamba's daughter will step up too, Elle Driver might become a blind fighting machine..hehe. There could be more prediction and speculations later just excited to hear that there will be kill bill volume 3...I just assume that Quentin will take this up another level since he really have that vibe of knowing how to work out his collaborative-imagination.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Haunting in Connecticut(2009)

I saw this movie last year at the Theaters, and saw it again on cable couple of nights ago. The movie was actually a true Story. The house use to be a funeral Parlor with Disturbing history and inconceivable acts performed providing gateways to spiritual entities.. I remember first watching the documentary on Discovery Channel. That version was actually scary and kinda got me thinkin about it for days. I would give it an 8 out 10. It wasn't really that bad. I guess it would be a lot scarier if I didnt know the story already to begin with so I won't have much of expectations. the Special effect was good...when that thing came out of the boys felt kinda gross and disgusting.

here is a link to the documentary:

here's the trailer from last year.

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