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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paranormal Activity 2009

very Short description of the story

A young couple(katie and Micah) suspects that their house is haunted by a malevolent entity. They set up video surveillance to capture evidence of what happens every night as they sleep.

I saw this movie last week and this movie was great...Like I mention im a couple of my posts - Im a big fan of horror movies...This movie however did not frightened me as many people did. I just thought this movie was worth checking and watching in theaters. I heard the budget for this movie was around 11,000 to 15,000. This movie was causing a lot of hype in my area,...well im guessing in many areas
The day scenes in the movie basically tells more about their situation and the plot of the whole movie and the night scenes pretty much shows all the haunting activities.
I must say, if your the type of person who gets scared quick and not into horror stuff, this movie might get into you psychological and give you a just a little hard time sleeping at night...hehe..It kinda got me a little too especially when they said it was based on true events, but then I read some online resources that it is not so I sorta feel
Whats makes this movie scary I believe is that it leaves the rest to your imagination. The special effects isnt any crazy or anything, well I kinda didnt expect it to be since it was low budget film, but still - the door closing by itself and getting dragged out of your bed by an unseen creature works crazy enough for me.
Plus many scary movies nowadays are not really home based type which really cannot relate to a lot of audience - I mean in the end, it would end up as just another horror film. In my point of view, This one seems to capture and go along with that reality of everyday people on everyday experience basis. This movie is simple but can relate to many people and it stands out. I think that we all have the slighest fear when we go to sleep at night that they targeted that part of everyday life.

I would rate this movie a 9 out of 10...Kudos to the creator,..I think he's name is Peli. He knows think this will inspire me to get into filming.

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