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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Resident Evil "Afterlife" Review

I Finally saw Resident Evil "Afterlife" last weekend. I very much liked it. Lovin the 3D as well. Well to be honest, Im a big fan of Resident Evil Games and other stuff so even if it comes out mediocre type movie I would still give it a lot of credit for making it to the big screen. Mila Jovovich is awesome like always. Im thinking maybe they should put Angelina Jolie next time as one of the characters from the game who hasn't appeared yet in the movie like "Ada Wong". ANyways, I saw a couple of familiar Villains and creatures like the big guy with the Big Axe, and the Zombies with stuff coming out of their mouth, and of course "Wesker" with that "Neo"Matrix look. Also "Chris Redfield" before I forgot as one of the good guys. Some of the Action secquence look Matrixish like with the bullets and slow mos, well I guess its not just all about matrix. Overall, I would give this movie an 8 out of 10. I guess I was expecting more actions and lots of extra stuff, but really im satisfied. Looking for the next one.. I can't wait.


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